Advisor- Moriah Schmidt

Advisor- Moriah Schmidt

Spiro Choir Calendar 2022-2023

Aug 24th- Sept 2nd- Choir T-Shirt Fundraiser ( Pay for choir fee)

Aug 30th - SHS Ensemble Auditions 3:30 - 5:00 pm

Sept 2nd - Spiro Choir Fee ($20) Due

Sept 2nd- EDHC Audition Fee 7th-12th ($10) Due

Sept 9th- All-State Choir Audition Fee 7th-12th ($15) Due

Sept 17th- EDHC Auditions

Sept 20th- Spiro Choir Movie and Game Night

Oct 5th-12th- "Fund the Month" fundraiser with November calendar

Oct 18th- EDHC Concert

Oct 19th- 26th- Gourmet Select Brochure 

Oct 29th- 1st Round OkMEA All-State Choir Auditions (7th- 12th)

Nov 12th- 2nd Round OkCDA All-State Choir Auditions (10th-12th grade)

Nov 15th- 2nd Round OkCDA All-State Choir Auditions (7th-9th Grade)

Nov 28th-Dec 1st- Christmas Caroling

Dec 1st- Middle School Vocal and Band Christmas Program @ HS GYM 4th hour

Dec 12th- Music Department 9th-12th grade Christmas concert @ 6:00pm @ HS GYM

Jan 14th- OkCDA Junior High All-State Choir Concert in OKC

TBA- Solo & Ensemble Concert

Jan 21st- OkMEA High School All-State Choir Concert in Tulsa

TBA- District Solo & Ensemble Concert

Feb 1st-8th- Singing Valentines

Mar 1st-8th- Annual Coffee & Katydids

Apr 13th-16th- Spiro High School Choir and Band go to St. Louis for National Festival

May 9th- Spiro Spring Concert @6:00pm @ Multipurpose Building

*Tentative Date/Time*