History of the Spiro High School Bulldog Logo

The Spiro High School Bulldog logo came about in 1980. It was created by Tracy Gibson his junior year in high school. It was the result of the school’s interest in a bulldog that belonged to Spiro…and no one else. Up until that point, art depicting the bulldog mascot was available to anyone…stock designs.

Neil Perrin was Tracy’s English teacher and someone who was always looking to enhance our school’s image. Tracy was always interested in art and illustration, so when Mr. Perrin asked him if he would like to create the logo, he jumped at the chance. Mr. Perrin located several examples of original design mascot logos that fit the image Spiro School wanted to create.

With those ideas, Tracy went to work. At that point in time, Spiro’s football team burst onto the field through a large piece of paper wrapped around a large ring each Friday night, unlike the reusable one Spiro has now. Tracy and Mr. Perrin liked the image of a bulldog doing that. So in a circular ring that would also encase the lettering, the logo began to take shape. The Rodeo typeface was chosen for its bold stance–like the bulldog. The pieces finally came together, much like you see today. In recent years there have been slightly different versions of the original design, but we are the only ones with the original. Tracy Gibson still takes great pride that years later, that same logo he created continues to represent the school that has impacted the lives of thousands.