Graduation Requirements

Spiro Standard Diploma**Spiro Diploma of HonorSpiro College Preparatory
Language Arts- 4Language Arts- 4Language Arts- 4
Mathematics- 3Mathematics- 3Mathematics- 3
Science- 3Science- 3Science- 3
Social Studies- 3Social Studies/History- 3Social Studies- 3
Foreign Language/Computer Technology- 2Foreign Language/Computer Technology- 2
1 Additional Unit selected from the courses listed.
The Arts- 2The Arts- 1The Arts- 1
10 Electives Total9 Electives Total8 Electives Total

* To meet graduation requirements local options may include comparable courses taken by advanced placements, concurrent enrollment, and other comparable courses. Local school district requirements may exceed state graduation requirements.

** For core course credit, only ACT-recommended classes may be taken. Students graduating with a Diploma of Honor may be eligible for the OK Tuition Scholarship Program. To receive an honor’s diploma, the student must maintain a B- grade or above in each course taken and fulfill the minimum required eight honor courses.