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Bond Items 2022

  • Replace three buses: a 95’,93’ and 90’ (32years old) model.

  • Pave remaining campus parking lots

  • Re-pave and drainage on Multi-Purpose Building (New Gym)

  • Replace lockers in the High school and Middle school

  • Update Softball and Baseball scoreboards and remodel backstops

  • Replace football fieldhouse roof (32 years old)

  • Strip and refinish the gym floor

  • Install phase two of security cameras in lower and upper elementary

  • Install awnings from the circle drive to the upper elementary office

  • Install awnings on new sidewalk between cafeteria and old pool bldg

  • Completely remodel lower elementary playground with outdoor maintenance-free playground flooring and new equipment. NOTE: All removed equipment will be donated to the city to be used at the lake park.

  • Remove the old wood chips and install new maintenance-free playground flooring at the Head Start center

  • Completely remodel and update the bathrooms in the: Lower Elementary, High School, Civic Center (old gym), Agriculture building, and the Band building.

  • Remove ALL old flooring (classrooms and hall) in the lower elementary building and replace it with new. 

  • Finish removing chain link fencing and replace it with current metal fencing style